Saturday, 23 January 2016

Travel Often Getting Lost Will Help You Find Yourself: Sydney Episode

Sydney is like a second home to me.  After all it where my second family lives. 

The coastal walk from Clovelly to Bondi leaves you speechless. You are introduced to a beach life that you cannot find anywhere. Neither Barcelona nor LA can compete with Sydney beaches. You've got to teach your kids how the ocean works when they are around age 5. Otherwise, the ocean can be really scary. You've got to learn how to keep up with the waves. Then, all you need is to ride the amazing waves. 


Australia also means friends-for-life. Conversations that you pick up right where you left off years ago. Friends that teach you how to look deep into your soul and smile. Even though oceans apart, we are always together in heart and soul.


And the parties.. Crazy, fancy, mind blowing parties. I absolutely love partying with these amazing souls!   

The Kingsford Airport is the saddest place on earth. Its scarier than a hospital for me. Its always hard to say goodbye but we try to hold on to our beautiful memories rather than the distance between us. Keep on and keep the smile on! 

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