Tuesday, 19 May 2015

All After The Insight

We are all after the customer insight. The sole concept of market research is driven from this and shapes products & services. All marketing briefs vaguely define an existing or desired insight to customer's psyche. 

Usually, a desired customer insight is as follows in today's economy "bunların hepsi benim bebişlerim! onları renkli sakız gibi çiğneyip, çiğneyip tüketmek istiyorum." 

When a marketeer puts up such a photo on a brand's page, they want to get this reaction hence see an increase in sales.

You need to put your finger on the insight and drive your campaign from there. You need to ask yourself
why would anyone care about your brand, really?
- what is the main motivation behind the reason to purchase your particular brand?
- how do the people -who purchased your brand- feel about themselves and your brand? - - how do they perceive you? how do they perceive themselves and other people wearing/using your brand? whats your impact on consumers' lives?    

Think really hard on the possible answers to those questions and create personas. Name them, give them a job and a place to live. Describe a day of their lives and how they interact with your brand. Then, think about the ways to reach out to them and get their attention. 

But, how and why would they be impressed with your message? Content curation and development is a genuine craft. Tailor make the content for your target. Catch them by surprise, make them laugh, woo them if you please.  Its like you are going on a date. You need to act cool but not too cocky, your tone should be warm but not too clingy and you need to keep them on their toes until the end of a perfect night. In your case, it would be 8 to 10 seconds of attention span which an average person have these days. More like a speed date, right? You need to see through them (insight) and chose your words accordingly. 

So, give the lady the reason to love you, to chose you and keep wanting to be with you.       

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