Monday, 23 February 2015

Midsummer Came Along This Winter

It was about time I get back on the wagon and accumulate some words. At the end, you can only accumulate your thoughts and feelings. Nothing more..

I reckon writing gives me a change to pause for a second to cherish what I've been given. 

I am barely hopeful, maybe as hopeful as Salinger could have been. And it is OK. 

I just saw myself laughing, not a nervous or sarcastic laugh but a genuine one. It was like all Christmas presents wrapped in one, big, fat laugh. It was a brief moment but I was genuinely laughing out loud. I appreciate that blink of a bliss.

I chose to enjoy that moment very consciously. I am in fact very proud of myself. Now, I am digesting the facts in the morning light. And  what doesn't kill us, makes our drinks stronger. I bet Salinger would agree.

It is what it is. You think you play a hand of poker when living your life but you only take the cards from the table and turn them around. It is what you actually do. Nothing less, nothing more. 

So, this hand had an ace in the deck for me. I felt lucky and I am grateful. I don't suddenly expect to e as lucky as this round on the next. But I sure do hope that one day, preferably  when we're both blind drunk we can talk about it.