Saturday, 18 October 2014

Press For Champagne Moment

It's a fabulous thing  to press a button and a bellman materializes before you with a silver tray of crisp, cold, fizzy champagne. We need more instant pleasures in life; more of one-hour vacations, treats. 

Fundamentals. You've gotta get them right.

We'd best compartmentalise  our lives into moments. In the spirit of the moment, we sometimes let go too easily and sometimes hold on rather too tightly. While making the choices and paying the price one should always bare in mind that the moment will not last forever. Have utmost caution when handling moments; their meanings tend be exaggerated. Compartmentalise your moments, and yet again, you'll see your perspective changing. 

When you appreciate the moments you are blessed with, life gets more liveable. Sure, you must have a truck load of I-can't-bare-this-cruelty moments up your sleeve but don't magnify them. Shit happens for you to look for a reason to understand the gravity of life. The concept of this so-called journey is that its made out of your choices and some random stuff. Study how you make them and take lessons for future reference. Your changing perspective on moments and their meanings (/never-ending revelations) will give you a hard time on determining the lessons. All you need to do is to take a look at your actions and their consequences. You'll know better next time. 

Now, make the choice to press the button for some ice-cold champagne. Have your moment of self-indulgence. Enjoy your guilty little pleasure of a moment and sip your champagne (can be taken both literal and metaphorical). 

Try again. Fail better. 


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