Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Logic and Wisdom

Logic only takes you so far. It's basically impossible not to build expectations but the mechanism behind that ever working wheel fails to assess its surroundings thoroughly. It's a pretty slow learner, one might say. 

You learn math and start quantifying your world in way of making sense. But two plus two does not equal to four in life because the first <2> is apples and the second is oranges. You fail to realise that not the quantity but the quality of things define their value in life. 
Simultaneously, you learn worth and value are two different things, latter one being less subject to change by time. 
Last but not least, you learn the most basic rule; there is no free lunch. It may be apples or oranges, there may be 4 of them or more of them but there is only one absolute truth; you have to pay for them.

What philosophy brings to the table is wisdom, to be more precise, theories of justification on the matters of reality, values, reason and existence. Wisdom is a uniquely formed virtue. Wisdom gives you the ability to think and more importantly act using your theories drawn from your experiences, thus, your justifications. 

Wisdom is both relative and absolute. Wisdom requires calculation of the possible outcomes and suggestion of the optimal action to be taken at any given point. While doing these it finds ground on truth and rational judgement. 

Basically, logic lies at the heart of wisdom with a slight nuance. Wisdom requires learning from experience. Logic doesn't teach you it only shows you. 

Life should be getting slightly more confusing right about now. 

You've gotta get the fundamentals right. Get the basics right and you'll develop from there. So, tiger's intention of eating you is strictly independent from your inclinations but your actions directly effect the outcome. Life may eat you whole if you let it. Your positioning towards life's drama, basically your capability of manoeuvre, will define the outcome. Not your good intensions or wishful thinking. Don't think life is giving you lemons for no logical reason. Life being life is reason enough. It's a tiger and tigers bite. And, it hurts. 

Enough with the analogy. 

Just don't be naive. 

Build your inevitable expectations fairly but know that life won't be fair. When reality shows up knocking on your door for a check, acceptance is the only way out. Let go of your fear, face your demons and come to realise the serenity of acceptance. Then, you'll learn. 


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