Sunday, 6 July 2014

Chin Up Princess, If Not The Crown Falls!

Attitude is what will define you. 

When anything that could go wrong, really goes wrong, you've gotta hold your ground. Your attitude towards life's drama is what makes you real. A self-aware woman quite naturally analyses her situation and expects certain outcomes - some of which are bitter - on an ongoing basis. And, when the inevitable drama takes place, her true colours are revealed. 

You cannot put the drama queen tiara and let things burn. You've gotta hold your shit together. You've gotta 'man up!'. Own your responsibility, embrace the pain and the failure. Know that it's gonna pass in a little while. 
Take a deep breath and look at past data. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out its not the first drama of your life nor will be the last one. 
You'll live. 

The pain and suffering feel so real because they belong to that moment. All things feel real when you're in the moment and feels like infinity at the same time. 
But it lasts only as long as the echo of that very moment. 
No way near infinity. 
So, when the ache feels like never-ending, remember one of the fading away glories and calculate retrospectively.It will be over soon and you'll survive. 

Your perspective on things are ever evolving. Your judgement, though, is heavily affected by your subconscious. It takes a while to adjust to drama. Sleep on it. But don't go to sleep feeling defeated. 

Put your chin up. 

Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown.   

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