Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How Did We End Up Here?

Call it the million dollar question, call it the motto of the year, call it whatever.. It just fits the situation so well. Seriously, how did we end up here?

Smart girls from smart private schools, confident over-achievers, somewhat excentrics.. We ended up thinking to ourselves "how did we end up here?".

We don't particularly love our jobs. Realities of business life certainly didn't live up to our sky-high expectations. We constantly worry about our careers. Personally, I have long lost my motivation.

Don't even let me start on the love drama. 

When work takes %80 of your time and energy, you tend to find yourself trapped. Thank god, we come together every now and then and laugh a little, relax. 

What seems to be so puzzling is that we talk things over, analyze and draw a roadmap but we are surprised each and every time we end up somewhere completely different.


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