Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How Did We End Up Here?

Call it the million dollar question, call it the motto of the year, call it whatever.. It just fits the situation so well. Seriously, how did we end up here?

Smart girls from smart private schools, confident over-achievers, somewhat excentrics.. We ended up thinking to ourselves "how did we end up here?".

We don't particularly love our jobs. Realities of business life certainly didn't live up to our sky-high expectations. We constantly worry about our careers. Personally, I have long lost my motivation.

Don't even let me start on the love drama. 

When work takes %80 of your time and energy, you tend to find yourself trapped. Thank god, we come together every now and then and laugh a little, relax. 

What seems to be so puzzling is that we talk things over, analyze and draw a roadmap but we are surprised each and every time we end up somewhere completely different.


Monday, 17 March 2014

How To Survive Your 20s

F*R*I*E*N*D*S: Just accept the fact that, you will not survive your 20s without your support circle.

Having a night out with the girls usually involves; countless shots of J├Ąger, crazy dancing on sky-high stilettos and playing cruel jokes on boys who hit on you at the bar and thats all OK. Just remember to take an alka-seltzer before you go to sleep.

Girl talk is what you need on a Sunday night.

Get wasted only when surrounded with close friends.

R*O*M*A*N*C*E: Boys will be boys.

Don't listen to what men say. Don't listen to your heart either. Both would say anything to get what they want.

If a boy is reluctant to call you, care for you, learn more about you a.k.a put a freaking label on your relationship, DO NOT stick around. Stop kidding yourself and stop making excuses. Grey doesn't exist in love, its either black or white but never grey.

C*A*R*E*E*R: Get over yourself.

"Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life."

Confucious is the biggest liar of all times.

Work fucking hard and learn from your mistakes.

Feel bad when you fuck up but know that kids in Africa are not dying because you were 5 minutes late to a meeting. 

When you have free time at work, spend it on TED.com not on Facebook.

L*I*F*E: To be precise, life sucks.

Life is complicated. So, laugh at all times. It's good for the soul.

Travel..you must travel frequently and preferably to far far away lands. Getting lost will help you find yourself.