Thursday, 20 February 2014

Let Me Go Get An Umbrella !

Hoping for sunshine, expecting rain
Let me go get an umbrella then!

Virtue is such a high ranking word. It has class and it has power. It has gravity. Patience is a virtue. It's easier said than done though. 

I for one am super inconsistent with the concept of patience. I sort of suck at it over all but there are rare moments in which I gracefully carry out the enactment of this particular virtue.

The key is not to panic when you realise you've already lost it. 
Try to hold back the grips. And wait for the next moment that you need to be patient.
It'll come in no time, pal. 

One might fail to do so hence end up heating up the situation. 

When you find yourself there, just go get an umbrella.


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