Sunday, 15 December 2013


You're pissed at everything during your teens. You choose your area of expertise during your 20s. You're supposed to be mad at certain things. It means you're normal.

Worrying about your future is a given so does resenting your misfortune. 

The way to survive puberty is to make amends with your parents and the road to salvation during your 20s passes through your friendships. 

You gotta have a strong support circle to get you through the day. Your feel stuck between your job and the urge to sleep a little longer. 

And there are the occasional disputes at work that drive you crazy. 

During puberty, you think you're dumb but during your 20s you think you're the only one with a 3 digit IQ. Everyone else is complete morons. No one understands you during puberty, and you don't understand anyone during your 20s.

Only think you can think of is earning more money to travel further away from your life. 
You believe getting lost will help you find yourself.

You start redefining the concepts you learn during your teens such as love, respect, loyalty and friendship. Not so surprisingly, you realise you need to adjust your expectations.  

You learn the meaning of meditating for real. 

You need to learn to live a little between depressions and feel lucky when you avert a crisis or two. 

It's like a bad trip; it feels like forever but you gotta remind yourself that it'll end eventually. 

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