Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Take a rest. Like a time out but not in a loud way or anything. 
Come home fairly early. Chill a little then go to bed early. 
And, I'll see you the next day bright and shining. 
Coz, this is not a good way to live. It's just too boring to be feeling you're bad at your life as a whole. 
Get a good night's sleep and stop magnifying the shit out of your circumstances. 
Get over yourself.
You just need to suck it up and start over the next day. One day, you'll notice that you're back in control.
Act like you have no other choice but to pull this one off. 
Stop being a spoilt brat and appreciate your priviledges. and start caring again. 
Try giving a shit about the world that is not revolving around you but actually happening. It is called awareness. 
Don't be blind about what's happening now around you in all aspects. 
You'll deal how-to part later but just stick with the plan for now.
Take a rest and start fresh tomorrow. 
Be on your best behavior and do it right.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Piece Of Mind

How do you find relief? When is the last time you had a moment of calm silenece? It's so rare. I reckon we set our standards and expectations so high that our experiences never meet them thus turning us into superiority creaving monsters.
That's why we can't get rest.

"I need to pull my shit together." rings backs over and over again in my head." echoing in our heads we can't help but hurry and worry.

Stop, cool out and breathe. Have a piece of mind and then move on.


Cool out


Move on