Sunday, 20 January 2013

Money in your 20s

You hated when you were a teenager? Wait for your 20s, they are going to feel more awkward. In the middle of my 20s, I can proudly say that I belong to the group, I feel out of place, confused and somewhat bipolar. 

I love watching other people who play it cool, like they've already figured it all out. Bitch, please! If you did figure out the purpose of life, why you still seek approval? 

A visit to the shopping mall paralyzed me today. There was an elevator man(!) It felt like being in the Ritz's elevator from the Boardwalk Empire set. How badly do we want to draw a line between us and them to feel good about ourselves? 

I have been motivated to work hard and collect gems of achievement from a very early age, perhaps too early, and I can't help but question the purposed of it all together. Make no mistake my friends, earning money doesn't make life easier nor being successful. It just raises expectations to a higher level. Where is the line? Is it right where the line between me and the elevator man is drawn? - where I'm supposed to feel priviledged to have another person pushing the elevator buttons for me.  

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