Wednesday, 14 November 2012

How we remember, how we remind ourselves

The NPR Daily Picture Show is a great distraction. You get to see a bunch of photos and learn about some genuinely interesting stuff. Its a great way to distract yourself from listening to the news pieces on All Things Considered =) You'd still listen, though. 

The piece on propaganda on Chinese art got my attention earlier today.  They've got a whole museum of weird stuff and you'll be fascinated by the pics this piece have. 

This one shows Mao announcing the new "people's republic" concept and one guy on the far right disappears on one version of the same scene. Its like having two different apostles in the last supper! 

It's a perfect showcase of us being shown two sides of a coin with tangible evidence. And they have it in a museum for god's sake?! Respect! They remind themselves the twisted politics are there to keep us from remembering it straight.

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