Thursday, 8 November 2012

5 Stages Of A Relationship

1- Define

During this very 1st stage, you’re expected to go through a phase which is famous for its glorious levels of expectation. You’re meant to define the bond as a formal relationship and you need to get your hands dirty to get it done. You listen to music, read a lot of relatable stuff and say that you’d like to keep it in your life for just a little while longer than once you look and you’ll see that you’re in deep shit. Now, you have to define it. 

2- Make your move
So, you define it. You make your move to get you two to talk it out of your chests. Introduce the gigantic elephant in the room. Make it so delicately and eloquently that its almost refreshing to talk it for a change, except denying its very existence.

3- Get lucky 
You need to and I mean really need to get lucky at that point. So, do your due diligence. Collect the signs and connect the dots. Make a through analysis of what you want and need (so that you don’t relate to stuff that much next time) and what might he be interested in. And get lucky!

4- Get lucky and keep it cool OR Don’t get lucky and keep it cool
Whatever comes from that flip of a coin; heads or tails, keep it cool. Freeze and act like it’s what you’ve known all along and you just made things whole a lot easier just out of boredem. Get bored and act upon it. See it through.

5- Realize
At this point realize that you dont feel the same anymore and you just can’t go through that episode of communicating with the other and realize that it’s what happens. Things cease to exist. And you resalize that one moment. You feel comfortable in that moment. And get out to act upon it.

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