Monday, 8 October 2012


Lesley Hazelton says "to quote is to misquote" ahahah! 
But, its so true, words taken out of concept, interrupted, do not necessarily tells us the whole story that is why we feel the urge to start from the begining and walk through the steps. This is why high school girls forward whatsapp conversations. 

Interpretation on the other hand is a whole another story.
You say 'glaciers have melted the sea', I hear 'things gotten closer to the sun'.

There is so much subtext in any conversation that its pretty tricky to hear whats actually being said. It also makes you load your sentences with answers to conversations that have not taken place. Its as if an imaginary conversation is taken place and we just hear some bits. Like we are quoting from those imaginary conversations. Thats why we don't make sense, that's how we complicate stuff.

Interpretation requires a certain knowledge and experience but these are so subjective merits that its almost an oxymoron in itself. 

So why not simplify the shit out of conversations and get rid of the baggage?

I reckon its because we know better. You can go so far with bluntness. People either will want to still interpret your words and write another story or, will not take it good. You know, some people cannot handle straight up truth easily since they are not used to it. So, we maintain a certain level of disguise in our conversations. We interpret what the other party says and garnish our words for that person to peel off the layers and get to the real stuff. 

There is so much tension and it takes so much efforts to communicate that I sometimes want to cut all cords of communication and sit still. Since there is no point in putting an effort to be understood by and to understand one another, I feel like saying 'talk to the hand'.