Thursday, 23 August 2012


Loyalty is a funny thing which surprizes you most of the time. Sometimes you cannot believe your actions that are undertaken in the name of loyalty and other time the act of loyalty warms your heart.

Loyalty means expectations and expectations are always rough on you. So, why are we loyal again? I guess, to make life further complicated to manage.

Looking one side of the loyalty concept where you devote yourself to a certain concept; a brand, a friend, a school of thought..something..anything..

You must believe that there is a gain at the end of the deal so that you bet on this. You are loyal to a brand because you believe that the brand gives you something you want/need. But this assumption of future gain actually puts you in expectation of a not-promised gain. And expectations..they are rough.
Loyalty clouds your judgement and messes with your rationality. A. you no longer actively judge the value of the gain- if you're still getting it, B. you tend to not evaluate the rest of the things you're losing/missing out on.
It must be quite hard on a rational person so we tend to lose our rational as we become more loyal.

Expectations have the possibility to fail you. That's why I hate to find myself in the expectation of something. It doesn't matter how often the expectations cause a disappointment. Disappointment is always disappointment regardless of its nature, frequency and scale. So, why bother developing potential bombs (expectatiaons), why be loyal?

On the other side of the coin, lies the satisfying moment of being the person to be loyal to. Maybe its the superfreaky human nature that develops a sick bond between being loyal and been loyal to, as a result people wanting to be loyal to feel the loyalty hunger in themselves. At the end, we are a kind that has professionalized in justifying stupid actuvity in absence of certain other things. Or may be, loyalty will be an era like mass production that we study in marketing courses where we say "after that, custimization era started and changed many things in the industry".