Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Change is refreshing

Boşuna tebdil-i mekanda ferahlık vardır demiyorlar, change is really refreshing and uplifting. 


Somedays, you just have to drag ourselves into out off the bed and off to a meeting room. You know that nothing is wrong with that meeting, and it in fact might be useful to a certain extend but you just can't bear the thought of carrying yourself that far. It was one of those days. But it all turned out well. 

Professionally, today's big meeting was quite fruitfull but it was even more fruitfull personally. Seeing people from your past is a weird thing. Hope it always feels this good.  
It always gives you a chance to glance over the years that passed by and where you've ended up. You remember how things felt then and compare to how they feel at the moment. Better hope you've not lost your perspective and over-reacted. It's hard to snap out of the moment's captiveness and see the bigger picture to take back the control.

In the daily rat race, you don't pause and spontaneously appreciate the moment and take a step back to get perspective. You need change to do that. That's the beauty of change; gives you a new perspective hence the refreshing feeling. You need to do things differently, you need the change on a daily basis. Otherwise, you'll get lost. You need to exploit every opportunity that could bring you some good-quality change.

Change on a professional level is more than necessary on a daily basis. You need it almost every other hour! Listening to the dynamics of another industry was a great mental gymnastic today. I realized why i loved the marketing courses at uni. I liked the idea of changing topics every other week and studying different cases. 

It feels like a splash of cold water in your face.   

p.s. change is good, embrace it

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Travel often: getting lost will help you find yourself - Amsterdam Reloaded

Travel often: getting lost will help you find yourself - Amsterdam reloaded

It's fascinating, it's calming you down, it's the right dose of quiet and noise that you need to concentrate on pure nothing.  

Pleasent redefined(!)

Enjoy the show!

It's an undersea experience in the morning

It's a different undersea experience in the evening