Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Beauty is in..the looks or the eye of the be holder?

To all my colleagues who repeatedly comment on how i look,

i would like to point out that, there is no correlation between how nice of a work i produce and how nice of a look i have. its not like when i am on high heels i see the bigger picture more clearly. i so don't need to look serious let alone act serious in order for my work to be serious. - i see how motivational it can be to suit up but when you suit up at 6.30 am, you replace more than 50% of the motivation with sleep deprevation. so what's the point?

i am quite a colorful person and possibly due to the excess color in me, i don't feel the urge to color myself up specially in the mornings. and i know how society's standards/expectations are way more colored, thank you very much, but i simply am not disturb by the paleness. i can't be bothered to play the artist and put together a master piece that early in the morning. i can assure you though, i prepare very colorful charts and graphs in so very colorful presentations. stop asking me whether i am sick coz i look so pale, lady! i freaking am pale by nature and i am fine with it. learn it already and keep your judgement to yourself. and men, do us a favor and stop being so conscious of those stuff.

i have to admit though i am fascinated by how good of a job other ladies do. some of them just beat . i just don't have it in me but i salute yours.

but guys, you all need to chill a little. trust me, i'll do a good job 1.60 cm, make-up free, casually dressed.

p.s. my work's beauty is not subjective. it sometimes can be scientifically proven and be beautiful. only "i" don't look good all the time.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Create a job for yourself

till then, you just have to suck it up and get to work at 8 am.