Friday, 6 January 2012

Amazing people I play with

I often find myself being stared at, especially at the office. Coz, I have so much fun while working. It's not like I am one of those over-enthusiactic and over-motivated corporate employees. One can even say I am hard to motivate and therefore work with. - specially when problems repeat which is all the time. But I am so priviledged to have amazing people to work with. Work transforms into play with these guys. They are like my playmates; I laugh with them and enjoy myself and I know its almost impossible to do so in our play ground. I also annoy them when I am annoyed. - I'm not sure whether they would complain or not but I do state whatever's bugging me and force them to recognize that statement. I feel safe, surrounded by people who won't intentionally upset me and whom I feel comfortable sitting next to. And that's pretty amazing!
These two people I work with are so unique and fascinating that I have a huge smile or comfort of some sort whenever I interact with them. I either smile or laugh hard if not stay cool and chilled in piece with them. I enjoy playing with them.
I'm fascinated with this in this moment coz I burned my hand today, during lunch. Around 4pm, I got out of a day-long workshop and finally sit between Haliloglu and ThugLove_ with an empty stomach, T pealed his mandalinas and offered me since I wasn't able to peal them myself. It warmed by heart! Not only sharing his food but also feeding me when I can't eat on my own. Boy, I am amazed.
Than during dinner, O saw me getting in line while he was sitting at the other end and eating. He jumped up and reached to carry my tray for me since I can't hold it still with one hand and put food with at the sametime. Literally, a drop of tear appeared on my eye. I was feeling some sort of gratitude and warmth in my heart. I was double amazed.
Knowing so little about and spending so little time with, yet still, feel so dear and deeply.
So, I get to have my cake and eat it too. I play with my mates at a 8 to 5 basis each day.
I am damn straight priviledged.

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