Thursday, 15 December 2011

Okay, that's a coincidence

Just last nite around this time (sadly, I've been working until 10-11 pm lately so I only get to read stuff for myself just before bed) I was reading a post saying that everyone should work in a service job at least once so that they know better about how to treat others when serving them. I had two seperate thought path runing down in my head. One, a cab driver, waiter or sales guy at a shop may be serving me at a certain time but it's beyond comprehension to look down on to them just basing our judgement on their jobs. I'm serving my first line manager and other following lines everyday and if they had patronized me and/or belittled me just b/c I am just a specialist, I would have been very pissed off. I may lack the education and the experience to be in their position but it doesn't make me a lesser person than them. Hence the second thought, no wonder I've always been pretty good with the cleaning ladies at the office, the guy who serves lunch at the cafeteria, the security guys at the office's door and other service job holders in my daily circle. Simply because, I try not to be a judgemental bitch acting superbicthy all the time.

I wanted to write about it but I had the time pressure; knowing that I gotta wake up in a couple of hours my mind starts playing its sick tricks on me.

Tonite, I had a 45min conversation with my company's private driver who was taking me home since its after 10. - best perk ever, definitely better than free drinks and chocolate at the office.
It was more of a theraphy for him and counseling practice for me but it was okay. It was late and I wanted to home already but I felt good about sitting in the car listening to his complaints. We talked about cars (engine capabilities to be exact) than somehow he ended up critisizing company policies. He than jumbed into talking about employees who treat him like they owned him. It's such a shame that my close circle is full of people who the guy from last nite's post was trashing.

Our occupation tells so much and so little of ourselves. Like in the preacher's talk at Ted, what we do for a living says so many things about our influence and affulence and gives responsibility. But also in the sametime, It's not even close to signifying our networth.

People should have bare minimums, minimums of respect and emphaty in daily life which comes from within. Don't you have?? You have a certain understanding about life that is constructed by your experiences only. So judging people and acting upon that judgement prior to any course of action with those people is damn wrong. You know that your are biased and probably making a mistake. Have a little self-respect and spare a minute to think about your prejuidices and misconducts in order not to make those horrible mistakes.You might have a chance of not becoming a total bitch and perhaps have a chance to be a decent person at some point.

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