Sunday, 11 December 2011

I Dream of..

This is a-must-see documentary of Lebanon and of how middle eastern countries are being destroyed and what can save them. Pointing out the country's problems like; nepotism, inequality in chances, absence of human rights and law & order, pollution and treason by politicians, the documentary breaks my heart. Even more heart-breaking, the only commonality is not the use of word "yani" in both languages but the sad situation of both countries; turning into rack and ruin in the absence of a cultural revolution.

Land for sale

It's such a shame that Lebanon was ripped apart by ideological differences and been played by other countries. But it's the people's fault who sold out their country. Lebanon is talked about as a failed experiement; where people from different religious and political roots were supposed live together in the Middle East. It's an insult to talk about a country as others' a guinea pig. Sadly, it's true that they've got played by others and sold out their country leaving this as country's global representation. 

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