Monday, 12 December 2011

Boy, I appreciate

I have been paying a bit of attention to what I have been experiencing in life for a while now. I have always been concious, may be a little too concious sometimes, of my life but lately I was -without any effort, finding myself thinking "god that's such a good thing have xyz in my life". I have been appreciating so many parts in my life that it got me thinking whether I am borderline crazy or what?? I questioned whether its my defense mechanizm to depression or not that keeps me so content with my life. Than I read the bestever "aha that talks about me" sort of piece, I sad "f**k it, I'm so damn appreciative of what's been happening in my life that I got to experience so many states of mind and learn so much."
It's been good life so far.
and it's terrific not to have to think what's next coz you know it's something that you will appreciate (no matter what).

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