Sunday, 10 April 2011


Work - Life Balance


They simply just don't go together.

When you love two things its hard to divide your attention equally.
So, you just give 1/3 of your attention to each and the last 1/3 changes sides in accordance with the level of pain each gives you.

Both sucks for me now.

So, I reckon I'll deflect.
I know I'll lose my mind/or what's left off of it otherwise.

"Don't be afraid of your bad days since there is always a good morning afterwards
You shall be aware on your good days that they'll end eventually
so be ready for the upcoming storm"

Given the philosophy above, I'll pull myself together at some point.

Apansız uyanır düşlerin tek güzel yerinde
Ararım tadını eve dönmenin yolunu bilmenin

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