Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Vox Populi

Its the vox populi that is on the streets!

The best part of the uprising in MENA is also its curse. Its a leaderless movement. Its the educated, aware, conscious middle class that was denied of their rights. But who is going to emerge as the leader?

The mask stands for the suppressed middle class who knows that they would achieve more and come to better places if given equal opportunity. This middle class is fed up with the nepotism, corruption and poor living conditions. The jasmin revolution a.k.a
the sidi bouzid intifadah is anonymous but it can't stay leaderless forever. We'll see who takes on the power and hopefully carries the country for brighter days.

It looks like a tie between the muslim brotherhood and the atomic energy guy but the arap league guy is said to be ready to serve as well. -- is it just another ego yearning for power or will he be good for the egyptians?
A second islamic fundamentalist government rigth in the middle of the middle east just near the Gazza strip.. the super fragile middle east peace (or the so called peace) proably won't last long.
Iran's revolution was backed by islamists as well as
communists & secular democrats but ended up at Humeyni's hands.
We'll see whether "Muslim Brotherhood" is a minority that needs to be included for a democratic rule or a dangerous threat (Mubarak's 3 decade long trump to stay in power).


off chance that Algeria jump on the civil unrest bandwagon

We see a desperate king who is trying to pull together "his" vassal.
Its like an earthquake where only thing you can do is to secure yourself as much as you can (for instance by dismissing the PM)
and wait for it to end while hoping that whole world won't tumble down over you.

This Saleh guy outmaneuvers every tribe, religious or political group. Unrest in Yemen can't be classified as the middle class movement since there isn't a significant middle class living in urban areas, using cellphones & social media to organize themselves.

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