Monday, 31 January 2011

Middle East Breaking.. FREE

Middle East is breaking into pieces.
Thanks to repressive governments and the Wikileaks!

Good God! Our version of Wikileaks interpretation is meticuluosly summarized on Zaytung.
We say 'yeah, we already knew that'. So, how come we don't take action?
Its also featured on Zaytung
We are simply ignorant!

We are talking about successful hashtag campaigns for marketing products etc.
Middle Eastern people are arranging a revolution through hashtags!
Impressive! & Inspiring! - inspiring for a very limited number of people unfortunately.

Never be silenced.. Egyptian Revolution #jan25

Censorship and 1 million people - we'll see which one wins over

I hope Mubarak's trick on letting bandits out so people would beg for him to stabilize the country and provide security won't work. This is the thing with civil unrest. Dark powers rising on the ground and not prohibited by the army (intentionally most of the times) cause the people to settle for whatever party that can end the misery and provide safety of lives.

For the 1st time, its not religion, not a lunatic leader nor the war with Israel that made middle easterns raise their voice.

But is it early to name it 'revolution'? I'm afraid it is since this is the middle east.

People tend to ask for their 'god damn' rights and than end up with an Islamic government which functions in a completely different way than Islam requires.

Again the fear of history repeating itself arises; what if Egypt ends up like Iran?
Mubarak being the Shah in this case may be replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood which would cause a global unrest due to the strategic role Egypt has been playing for the past 3 decades that Mubarak ruled. --- 3 decades for god's sake! and now your son in the line for the presidency?!

Mohamed ElBaradei, the emerging leader of the revolution, has been involved with the nuclear energy stuff abroad. Will the be enough of a leader for the Egyptians since he's got no political experience? I reckon he'll at least be better than the Muslim Brotherhood. Iran is enough for the region.

The people of Egypt tasted the freedom on the streets but its becoming an anarchy. The very same country's people are also afraid for their properties, businesses and lives.

Politics rules your life.
Money rules politics.

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