Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Internet - Its not a noun its a verb!

be a part of it

The concept of being a part of something lays down at the roots of new media as well as new marketing tactics. New marketers sell experiences - the sense of belonging to something special - But who would knew the whole idea of internet was coming to life via the same route?!

It shouldn't be such a shocker since the most primitive form of social media was forums - which was a tool for geeks to talk about coding and computer games - and now its almost the only media/medium for an increasing number of people. CNN broadcasts random peopel's tweets on world news for god's sake!

Hala Gorani says please share your ideas about the news pieces we have just presented and people watching the news tweets at CNN and in couple of seconds they project the tweets on the screen. Its a pretty damn good step on breaking the "iletim vs. iletişim" paradigm.
Internet is internet (random acts of kindness) because of its unreciprocated - therefore real - nature. And it is developed through the ideas of "Being a part of it - participate w/ one difference: "fair" + collective consciousness & common sense"

Internet is definitely a verb which we shall practice rather often!

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